How Junction Impacts the Innovative Atmosphere Of the Young Tech Talents in China

3 min readOct 2, 2023

By Topi Guo

The just-finished Junction China 2023 was indeed a sparking bomb into the Chengdu, China startup ecosystem. It created a unique platform for university students all around China to collaborate face-to-face with some of the leading tech giants and opened a new gate to create innovations that are solid market-driven yet very inspiring.

Chengdu is one of the innovation hubs in China

Chengdu is well known as the hometown of Panda with a rich history and delicious cuisine. In fact, it is also one of the most thriving top-tier cities and innovation hubs in China. The majority of young graduates want to get a career in this city for a great balance between work and living.

Thus, the city has a large talent pool with great numbers of leading universities in tech fields and holds a reputation as the basement for developers and coders. Chengdu has some of the largest software parks in China, with numerous R&D centers of industrial pioneers, and it is the home of some best-known games, animations, and tech products.

The usual way

Hackathons do happen in Chengdu, China, but most of them are organized by companies for their own employees and are usually quite small. Unfortunately, most people aren’t very familiar with the idea of a hackathon. In universities, the usual way of doing things involves job fairs and technical competitions. The topics for these events are set by city authorities, and they come with clear instructions on what to do. As a result, many students end up working on their projects alone.

The breakthroughs

Thus, Junction China has brought something new to the folks:

1) Environment matters

Unlike most tech events in China, Junction China team has created a unique venue that stands out in both its physical design and activities. Junction China has transformed it into an immersive, multi-functional space with a relaxed yet inspiring atmosphere.

2) Market-based challenges

In contrast to other significant subjects, this event has formed partnerships with four tech industry leaders: Nokia, Glodon, VeriSilicon, and Intellifusion. The challenges presented in this event align with the real-world market demands and growth strategies of these partnering companies. This is of paramount importance as it offers participants the chance to gain valuable insights into the real market and apply their skills to real-life situations.

3) Working as a team

Teamwork and communication matter a lot, both in the hackathon and real-life career. In Junction China, the participants developed their abilities in teamwork and communication not only by working as a team but also with the on-site mentors from the track partners.

4) Open-minded

The hackathon is guided solely by the challenge’s objective, which adds a touch of realism to the competition. Participants have the freedom to utilize various tools and coding languages, conduct research, and seek assistance from a wide range of resources, as long as they adhere to the hackathon’s rules. Ultimately, the quality of the outcome and the project itself are the ultimate indicators of success. 👾




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